Death has become inconsequential. You lie six feet under as a loved one announces their grief over the social media. Prayers, likes and comments.

Death is beautiful. To be one with the earth that made us- what an honour. Death is a lesson like no other. It teaches the value of life.

Just stop for a moment, allow yourself to grasp the fact that you are the product of an evolutionary process that started billions of years ago.  

Praying for the deceased to teleport to a better place is reassuring. Heaven might sooth the pain of being human momentarily. However, there is indeed life after death. We will all inevitably be in a better place, in unison with Mother Earth. She will use us for a greater purpose.

It is sincerely an exceptional time to be alive or dead.   

We all know a lie that we deeply believe in. Play that lie like a broken record until it becomes a part of us. We need this lie to keep ourselves from shattering to the ground.

A lie can never make it real. Unless, the record of deceit plays on.